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Ritz 10th Anniversary Celebration

In the month of November Ritz completed its 10th Anniversary . This gala celebration was done both online as well offline in the RItz Studio

Ritz Online
Ritz has seamlessly transitioned from offline to online during the Pandemic
Today at Ritz there are multiple online classes all through the day with clients from across the country and Globe (US,UK,UAE) participating
The classes give you a high calorie burn served in a fun manner

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No Pain, No Gain

Holistic Fitness Training

with Ritu Gupta

Ritu Gupta – Founder & CEO Ritz Fitness is an MBA by qualification and after a successful banking career of 8 years gave up her career after motherhood. In her own journey of losing 30 kgs in 1 year, she realized her passion for fitness and thereby Ritz Fitness was born

Ritu Gupta is certified from YMCA London in ETM and has several other certifications in fitness like Pilates, Functional Fitness, Kettlebells, Pad work , Pre and Post Natal workout, Suspension fitness etc. She has a teaching experience of 8 years in fitness has changed more than 1000 lives.

Ritu has designed a unique program in which people from the age group of 12 to 65 can be easily accommodated with workouts specific to their needs. Equal emphasis is placed on lifestyle and nutrition. Workouts are customized according to age, workout history, fitness level and injuries if any

Ritu Gupta has a vision towards creating health, happy, fit and injury-free bodies and making the world a fitter and happier place


Ritu Gupta was the recipient of the

  • Women of Influence Award

  • Gurgaon Achievers Award

Women Of Influence Award

Gurgaon Achievers Award

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Client Testimonials

I’m very happy to join Ritz fitness. Everything about the place and the trainer- Ritu-is so warm and motivating. Ritu gives personal attention and makes sure you learn the right techniques of working out. She has made me realize how important it is to priortize your own fitness. She is brilliant at her work and so warm and patient with beginners like me. She also guides about eating right at the right time. The best part is you get to do different combinations of workout every day. This makes it fun than doing the same workout every day. I had never really done the workout combinations she teaches before. I was hesitant when I had joined but with her encouragement, I’m able to catch up. I really look forward to going to Ritz fitness every day and I highly recommend it for all your fitness needs.

Kangna Agarwal

I am one person who’s Monday starts from Chole Bhaure / Kachoris and Sunday ends with Fried Chicken with Alcohol.
For me, Fitness may not be being size Zero, For me, Fitness is all about being active all the time as I am a working mother of two boys (Gundas ) who are super active all the time, just being participative in all their activities is Fitness for me.
Ritz Fitness & it’s a different style of workouts make your interest always live whether its Yoga or Cardio it’s Pilates or Aerobics, You look forward to having a new morning every day.
I thank you Ritu for being so encouraging & patient with me, the kind of progress in my strength I have after joining you, I just can’t be thankful enough to you for that.
Keep Rocking & Keep Encouraging!

Geetika Dewan

I am a yoga teacher by profession and had a severe back injury which left me bedridden for almost 3 months. This left me depressed without any confidence in my body to bounce back to normal life. I had put on tons of weight due to the same reason. Then I encountered Ritz Fitness. I was very sceptical when I started if I would be able to manage my workouts with my body and its limitations. I am very happy to share that I have seen a lot of changes in me both physically and mentally. I feel much stronger with my back and a lot more stamina for everything. I am sure that my body is going to get better with every passing day. A big thanks to Ritu from Ritz Fitness who changed my perspective on fitness completely. I would recommend you to join Ritz Fitness

Preeti Pandey

I have known Ritu since 2012 and have changed base quite a number of times since then, but haven’t come across a more dedicated and focused fitness trainer than her,so I keep going back only to her whenever in Gurugram and will continue to do so..She’s one stop shop for all your fitness needs and requirements .Her knowledge and research on all things fitness is beyond amazing, which reflects in her way of conducting her sessions . She inculcates a more disciplined lifestyle which stays with you for a long time. I can go on and on about the variety of workouts offered and personalised attention provided…so highly recommended for anyone wanting to transform themselves .
I wish her the best for all her future endeavors .

Ruchi jain

I learnt about Ritu through society’s WhatsApp group. Didn’t expect much when I spoke to her first but was pleasantly surprised when I did the 1st personal training session with her. She is a perfectionist at what she does. She has a thorough knowledge of different styles of workouts be it functional, pilates, yoga or cardio. She keeps the workouts interesting by introducing customised workouts depending on clients fitness levels and interests. Always ensures correct postures so as to avoid injury.
All I can say, she is North India’s answer to the Yasmin Karachiwalas and Anshuka yoga’s of the world. And she can easily be on par with them if she chooses to be. She has promised me my target weight and I’ve promised her an even better review once I reach my goal.

Swati Sawhney Malhan

I have joined Ritz Fitness a month back and lost around 3 kgs. Apart from losing weight, I have gained a lot of strength and stamina in my body.
Ritu is the best trainer as she motivates you to throughout the class and focuses on each member focus area. I would recommend everyone to join her classes, who all are looking for a fitness centre. Everybody, you will learn a new form of exercise that will inspire to come on next day. I love doing step workout, dance video, a different form of aerobics.
All the best for your fitness journey!

Garima singla

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